Expanding Horizons

“All of my teachers were the reason I truly wanted to be at Mizzentop. Every one of them made it easier to move forward.”
– Anna W., ‘11 about us photo 2

Choosing to send a child to Mizzentop is a significant decision and investment.

It is a parent’s display of trust that we are the best fit for their family. At Mizzentop Day School we give each child a solid foundation to stand upon and inspire a lasting curiosity for knowledge. Our faculty develop character, promote creativity, stimulate young minds and shape respectful citizens. Ever mindful of these responsibilities, we are proud to introduce Expanding Horizons, a four year campaign to raise $250,000.

Over a two year period Mizzentop’s Long Range Planning Committee identified goals and strategies designed to allow our faculty to cultivate the social, intellectual, and emotional growth of our students in an environment that advances our philosophy and mission. The Committee’s recommendations focused on the following key areas:

Achieving the objectives of the Long Range Planning Committee is an important and worthwhile cause. Expanding Horizons can realize these long range goals by focusing your tax-deductible donation where it will have the most impact. Your contribution enables us to invest in our teachers through professional development, shapes the campus by allowing us to improve our facilities, strengthens the extracurricular experience with innovative programs and fosters new initiatives. All of these objectives strengthen the characteristics that are essential to the success and advancement of our school, your children and our community.

As an independent school, Mizzentop is self-supporting and receives no local, state or federal money. We rely on tuition income, wise stewardship and fundraising efforts to meet operating expenses. The success of reaching our goal of $250,000 during this four year campaign depends on you. Our hope is that supporting Mizzentop will be among your top charitable priorities.

We’ve set our sights higher, further and brighter than ever before. Our course is charted. We invite you to embark on the journey with us.

Please make your tax-deductible gift to Expanding Horizons today by clicking here.


Thank you,

Michael Grannis
Director of Communications and Advancement

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For specific questions regarding giving contact Michael Grannis, by telephone at (845) 855-7338 (ext. 201) or by e-mail at mgrannis@mizzentop.org.