Living Values


“Teachers: when I had difficulty, you broke it down and helped me through. You took the time to help me when I really needed it, and it shows.”
– Molly D., ‘10 about us photo 2


Peace | Respect | Love | Responsibility | Happiness | Cooperation
Honesty | Humility | Freedom | Unity | Simplicity | Tolerance

An atmosphere rich with nurturing and encouraging values is simply part of our mission.

The experience of feeling safe, respected, appreciated, loved, and understood is an experience every child in the world deserves. At Mizzentop Day School we accept the responsibility to be certain that our students grow up in such a warm environment.

Values are integrated into a student's experience in many ways.

More than "teaching" values, the Living Values Program leads our school to "live" the values. Whether in class, in the hallway, at lunch, at a game, or anywhere we gather as a school, our faculty and staff are continually developing traditional and innovative ways to create this reality.

In the classroom, teachers may lead activities that focus on a value, they also uncover values related to the current material covered in the class. For example, in English students may discover the value honesty through the characters they read about. Music students may explore cooperation through ensemble performance; in Art they experience freedom through their individual expression.

Other ways the Living Values are woven through our school:

A brief description of the world-wide program the Living Values Educational Program developed through the United Nations is provided below:


"Peace must begin with each one of us. Through quiet and serious reflection on it's meaning, new and creative ways can be found to foster understanding, friendships and cooperation among all peoples."
     —Javier Perez de Cuellar, Former Secretary-General of the Untied Nations