Our Academic Philosophy


“Teachers: when I had difficulty, you broke it down and helped me through. You took the time to help me when I really needed it, and it shows.”
– Molly D., ‘10 about us photo 2

Mizzentop Day School offers a challenging program that focuses on each child's personal development and learning style. Students learn independence and self-confidence in a nurturing, secure, and structured environment.

A strong foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics prepares each child for an increasingly rigorous curriculum in the future. Mizzentop Day School offers a setting where children are taught according to developmental needs and in a learning environment that best suits them. Small classes allow students to discover their potential and build on their personal strengths. We believe in engaging students with a hands-on multi-sensory education. Children are encouraged to speak their mind, ask questions, and contribute in all areas of their educational day.

Mizzentop Day School's caring and supportive environment is essential for children and teachers to continue to grow and flourish. Learning from their teachers and from each other, students work together making connections and finding solutions to problems. At Mizzentop, we strive to be more than a school - we build an educational community of teachers, students, and parents.