Letter from the Head of School


“Mizzentop has been more than just a school to me. Here I learned the importance of working with others. Here I also learned to take responsibility for my actions.”
– Angus E., ‘10about us photo 2

Hello, and welcome to the Mizzentop Day School website.  We appreciate your interest in our school, and we look forward to telling you more about our program, our staff, our families and most importantly our students.

Now in our fifteenth year of operation, we have established ourselves as one of the strongest academic programs in the area.  As you peruse our sight, you will read about small class sizes, integrated curriculum, teaching methods that are geared for individual learners, and our all-important Living Values Education.  It will be evident that our students learn to appreciate team work, are challenged to do higher level thinking, and benefit from hands-on learning.  Many of these things you will see on other independent school websites as well, though.  So what makes us different?

If you ask that question to our parents and just about anybody who visits our campus, they will tell you it is the feel, the atmosphere, the ethos.  They will tell you that they sense, when they come in the door, that this is one of the kindest, most caring and nurturing environments they have ever experienced in a school.  It is amazing how often we hear that.  But it is no surprise.  It is no surprise because the people of Mizzentop make it that way, from the friendly receptionist to the teachers and the staff.  And because these adults are, by the nature of their positions, role models for the students, the students themselves help create the culture of the school as well. 

So as you read the information on this site, and especially as you view the dozens of pictures throughout, please pay particular attention to the children’s faces.  I believe what you will see is contentment, security, self-confidence and a true sense of belonging – students who are truly comfortable being themselves.  This is what stands out at Mizzentop Day School.  We hope you will take the opportunity to visit us and feel it for yourself.