At Mizzentop, we are more than a school.

We are an educational community of teachers, students, and parents. We work diligently to form a balanced framework of core academics and hands-on enrichment for children and teachers to grow and flourish. We are the only Pre-K through Eighth Grade in the country to integrate the Living Values Education program into our curriculum.

Our faculty provides a caring and supportive environment while our program focuses on unlocking each student's potential to build upon their unique strengths. As a result, children learn independence and self-confidence in a nurturing, secure, and structured environment tailored to their needs.

Students are encouraged to speak their minds, ask questions, and contribute. Learning from their teachers and from one another, they make connections and create solutions.

Mission Statement

Mizzentop Day School,  an independent school for students in early childhood through Grade 8, provides a stimulating and innovative educational program dedicated to building a supportive community through living values and instilling a love of learning in our students.



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